AMD FirePro S9150 16GB PCIe 3.0

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Industry-leading GPU Compute Performance As the first server GPU to feature ½ rate double... more
AMD FirePro S9150 16GB PCIe 3.0
Industry-leading GPU Compute Performance
As the first server GPU to feature ½ rate double precision and break the 2.0 TFLOPS double-precision barrier, the AMD FirePro S9150 brings up to 5.07 TFLOPS of peak single-precision and up to 2.53 TFLOPS of peak double-precision compute performance.
Industry-leading Performance-per-Watt
A dual PCIe slot form factor consuming 235W at maximum power, the AMD FirePro S9150 delivers up to 21.6 GFLOPS-per-watt of single-precision floating point performance, and up to 10.8 GFLOPS-per-watt of double-precision performance - up to 77% more than the competition. With AMD FirePro S9150 server GPUs, supercomputers and computing clusters can achieve massive compute performance and processor density within an eco-conscious power budget.
Industry-leading Memory Configuration
The AMD FirePro S9150 is the industry's first server GPU with 16GB ultra-fast GDDR5 onboard memory - 33% more than the competition. It also features a 512-bit memory interface for up to 320GB/s of memory bandwidth, helping to improve overall workload speed and system responsiveness.
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Technical specifications
Bus Interface PCI-Express 3.0 x16
Slot Width Full Size ATX / Dual-Slot
Cooling System Passive
Power consumption 235 Watt
Main Memory 16 GB

FP32 (Single Precision Performance) 5.7 TFLOPS
FP64 (Double Precision Performance) 2.35 TFLOPS
max. amount of users 32
Memory Bus 512 bit
Bandwith 320 GB/s
Memory Type GDDR-5
Main Memory 16 GB
Memory Clock 1250 MHz
GPU / Chip Family Hawaii
GPU Clock 900 MHz
Shader Model 6.3

OpenCL 2.0
OpenGL 4.6
DirectX 12
Vulkan 1.1.106
Shader Model 6.3
ECC-Support Yes