ATI FirePro V7750 1GB

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Introducing the ATI FirePro™ V7750 workstations graphics card from AMD. This high-end workstation solution features ATI Eyefinity technology, 2GB of ultra high speed GDDR5 memory and more than quadruple the computational power of previous-generation products. With its large frame buffer and a full 30-bit display pipeline, the ATI FirePro™ V7750 is ideally suited for users who work on complex models and visual effects and need to meet the requirements of demanding visualization jobs. Based on a new generation GPU with 1440 stream processors, the ATI FirePro™ V7750 ultra parallel processing architecture helps maximize throughput by automatically directing graphics horsepower where it’s needed. Intelligent management of computational resources enables enhanced utilization of the GPU to enable real-time rendering of complex models and scenes while increasing frame rates when animating.

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• ATI FirePro V7750

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