AMD Radeon PRO WX 8200 8GB PCIe 3.0

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  • Speicherschnittstelle / Bus: PCI-Express 3.0 x16
  • Power Consumption: 230 Watt
  • Arbeitsspeicher Größe: 8 GB
  • Bauform / Slotbreite: Full Size ATX / Dual-Slot

From real-time visualization to virtual reality and photo-realistic rendering, the AMD Radeon™ PRO WX 8200 workstation graphics card can conquer your most challenging professional workloads. The AMD Radeon™ PRO WX 8200 graphics card brings a new era of GPU graphics and computing capabilities with its powerful parallel compute engine. Combine this power with 8 GB of ultra-fast HBM2 memory, and the High Bandwidth Cache Controller (HBCC), the world’s most advanced GPU memory architecture, and you get a powerhouse for the most demanding workloads in design and manufacturing as well as media and entertainment industries. The Radeon™ PRO WX 8200 workstation graphics cards equipped with 8 GB of the latest HBM2 Radeon™ Pro WX 8200 Product Messaging Briefmemory technology, providing massive amounts of memory and bandwidth for complex design and media workloads. The Radeon™ PRO WX 8200 workstation graphics card, based on the advanced "Vega" GPU architecture, features the revolutionary High Bandwidth Cache Controller (HBCC), the world’s most advanced GPU memory architecture that removes the capacity limitations of traditional memory.

Scope of delivery:
• AMD Radeon PRO WX 8200
• 2x mini-DisplayPort to DisplayPort adapter
• 1x mini-DisplayPort to HDMI adapter
• Bracket mit 3D Stereo Graphics Connector

10 years manufacturer warranty!
10 years manufacturer warranty from AMD after registration under the following link:

GPU Name Vega 10
GPU Architektur GCN 5.0
Speicherschnittstelle / Bus PCI-Express 3.0 x16
Power Consumption 230 Watt
Kühlkonzept Aktiv (Radiallüfter)
mini-DisplayPort (native conenction without adapters) 4x 1.4
Bauform / Slotbreite Full Size ATX / Dual-Slot
Speicherbandbreite 512 GB/s
Speicheranbindung 2048 bit
Single Precision Performance (FP32) 10.75 TFLOPS
Half Precision Performance (FP16) 21.5 TFLOPS
Arbeitsspeicher Typ HBM2
Double Precision Performance (FP64) 0.672 TFLOPS
Arbeitsspeicher Größe 8 GB
Anzahl Shading Units 3584
ECC-Support Ja
Vulkan 1.2
OpenCL 2.1
VR-Ready Ja
3D-Stereoausgabe Ja
OpenGL 4.6
DirectX 12