NVIDIA Quadro Sync

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NVIDIA Quadro Sync series products bring new levels of flexibility and scalability to ultra-high resolution displays and visualization clusters.

Synchronize up to four Quadro GPUs and up to 16 displays or projectors per system. Increasing GPU and display density reduces the total number of systems required, minimizes operational complexity and reduces costs. NVIDIA Mosaic™ technology transparently scales applications across synchronized displays. Features like Projector Overlap and integrated geometry and intensity adjustment give you pixel-accurate display surfaces. Enjoy more flexibility and capability when deploying ultrahigh resolution display systems with Quadro Sync and Quadro GPUs.

Supported NVIDIA graphics cards:
• NVIDIA Quadro M6000
• NVIDIA Quadro M5000
• NVIDIA Quadro M4000
• NVIDIA Quadro K6000
• NVIDIA Quadro K5200
• NVIDIA Quadro K5000
• NVIDIA Quadro K4200
• NVIDIA Quadro K4000

Scope of delivery:
• NVIDIA Quadro Sync
• 4x flat cables