HP Quadro P6000 24GB PCIe 3.0

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Designs are becoming more complex all the time. Media is becoming richer, combining greater... more
HP Quadro P6000 24GB PCIe 3.0
Designs are becoming more complex all the time. Media is becoming richer, combining greater resolutions and complex visual effects. Scientific visualization and compute problems are larger than ever. VR is changing entertainment, design, engineering, architecture, and medicine. And customers want to validate designs, rehearse procedures, and visualize problems—interacting with them naturally and at scale.

The Quadro P6000 is the most advanced professional graphics solution ever created, combining the latest GPU, memory, and display technologies to deliver breakthrough performance and capabilities. Professionals across of range of industries can now create their most complex designs, solve the most challenging visualization problems, and experience their creations in the most detailed, lifelike VR environments.

Scope of delivery:
• HP Quadro P6000 24GB, 1x DisplayPort auf DVI Adapter
Bus Interface: PCI-Express 3.0 x16
Slot Width: Full Size ATX / Dual-Slot
Cooling System: Active
Power consumption: 250 Watt
Screens per card (native connections): 4
max. resolution: 7.680 x 4.320 Px @ 60Hz
FP32 (Single Precision Performance): 12 TFLOPS
Shading Units: 3840
Memory Bus: 384 bit
Bandwith: 432 GB/s
Memory Type: GDDR5X
Main Memory: 24 GB
Memory Clock: 1126 MHz
GPU / Chip Family: GP102
GPU Clock: 1417 MHz
SDI: Optional Extension Cards: Ja, Input
OpenCL: 1.2
OpenGL: 4.6
DirectX: 12.1
Vulkan: 1.1.96
Shader Model: 6.1
ECC-Support: Yes
VR-Ready: Yes
3D Stereo output: Yes
SLI (Scalable Link Interface): Yes
Sync: Genlock / Framelock: Yes