NVIDIA G-Sync Option Card G80

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for NVIDIA QuadroFX 4600, FX 4700-X2, QuadroFX 5600 & QuadroFX 4800 & QuadroFX 5800; Quadro 5000 and Quadro 6000 PCI-Express Graphic Card, also in SLI operation possible, supports Framelocking, Genlocking, Synchronized framebuffer swap and synchronized refresh rate. Most advanced Genlock/Framelock solution available Enables multi-system video walls and supports genlock to a house signal Supports tri-level sync for HDTV, bi-level sync for NTSC and PAL
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• NVIDIA G-Sync Option Card G80

This card is individually packaged in our high-quality, padded brown-box.
A sticker on the outside shows the model designation and serial number as a scannable barcode.