AMD CrossFirePro Interconnect Cable

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Applications such as Siemens NX, Autodesk Maya, Teamcenter® and Ensight can see up to double-digit percentage performance gain when using ATI CrossFire Pro technology vs. a single card
Currently, ATI CrossFire Pro technology scales applications using Alternate Frame Rendering (AFR) mode.
ATI CrossFire Pro technology also scales anti-aliasing performance on a single display for digital mock-ups, TV productions and video apps requiring a high level of image/line quality.
This feature is supported across the ATI FirePro product line from mid-range segment onwards, which includes ATI FirePro V5700,V5800, ATI FirePro V7750; 7800, ATI FirePro V8700, V8750; ATI FirePro V8800 and FirePro V9800 graphics accelerators.