AMD FirePro W8100 8GB PCIe 3.0

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The new AMD FirePro™ W8100 workstation graphics card packs up to 4.2 TFLOPS of compute power to... more
AMD FirePro W8100 8GB PCIe 3.0
The new AMD FirePro™ W8100 workstation graphics card packs up to 4.2 TFLOPS of compute power to accelerate your projects beyond just graphics. Handle your ever-growing datasets with ease and at the same time rely on the massive parallel processing power of the GPU to accelerate all your compute-intensive tasks. With the AMD FirePro™ W8100 workstation graphics card you can take your projects further, faster.

Best-in-class GPU Compute Power
The AMD FirePro™ W8100 is ready for OpenCL™ 2.0 and packs up to 4.2 TFLOPS of peak single-precision compute performance into a desktop workstation and 2.1 TFLOPS of double-precision compute power for simulations that require maximum numerical accuracy. Accelerate compute-intensive workflows with single and multi-GPU configurations beyond just graphics and turn your next-generation workstation into a personal supercomputer.

Best-in-class Memory Performance
Equipped with 8 GB ultrafast GDDR5 onboard memory and a 512-bit memory interface for 320 GB/s of memory bandwidth, you can load entire datasets into internal memory to help improve overall workflow speed and responsiveness of the system.

Future-ready Multidisplay Capabilities
With discrete connectivity for four 4K displays via DisplayPort 1.2 and AMD Eyefinity technology, the new AMD FirePro™ W8100 is the right multidisplay solution for your high-resolution and ultrahigh-resolution workflows.

Cutting-edge Graphics Performance
AMD FirePro™ W8100 is equipped to handle all of your high-performance graphics needs by providing you with 2560 stream processors, allowing you to manipulate geometry-intense designs with high frame rates and in ultrahigh resolution. Workstations based on the AMD FirePro™ W8100 will deliver the graphics and rendering performance needed to ensure your projects meet the requirements of the new 4K visualization era.

Scope of delivery:
• AMD FirePro W8100
• 2x DisplayPort to Single-Link DVI adapter

Technical specifications
Bus Interface PCI-Express 3.0 x16
Slot Width Full Size ATX / Dual-Slot
Cooling System Active
Power consumption 220 Watt
Screens per card (native connections) 4
max. resolution 4.096 x 2.560 Px @ 60Hz
DisplayPort (native conenction without adapters) 4x 1.2
Main Memory 8 GB

FP32 (Single Precision Performance) 4.22 TFLOPS
FP64 (Double Precision Performance) 2.1 TFLOPS
Memory Bus 512 bit
Bandwith 320 GB/s
Memory Type GDDR-5
Main Memory 8 GB
Memory Clock 1250 MHz
GPU / Chip Family Hawaii
GPU Clock 824 MHz
Shader Model 6.0

OpenCL 2.0
OpenGL 4.6
DirectX 12
Vulkan 1.1
Shader Model 6.0
ECC-Support Yes
3D Stereo output Yes
AMD CrossFirePRO Support Yes
Sync: Genlock / Framelock Yes